Fungus fetish…

Fungi are critical to the organic web of life in the soil that is so important in any garden. Most of the work they do is unseen, hidden in the soil.  When they do ‘pop up’ though, I think they are one of the most  beautiful things around.


Peeking up through the mulch…

Beautiful and useful though.  Among other things, they ‘lock up’ nutrients in the soil, storing them until they are needed.  They prevent leeching of vital elements, and keep them readily available to the plant’s roots.


Dinner plate size, with tiger collar…

They also help maintain moisture in the soil, which means they are very busy at the moment, after our very wet February.  Sadly, we have lost a lot of plant rows to excessive water in the soil. All our parsley and kale, that was growing so well, has not enjoyed the ‘big wet’ and has sadly died.


Fairy toadstool

So more fungi will move in, as they are also the great de-composers in a garden, breaking down dead plant and animal material into components that can be used by other organisms.  In fact, you would not have an organic garden without them.

Blossoms by the creek

Blossoms by the creek

Lucky they are so beautiful.  Busy de-composing. Stopping me in my muddy tracks, fumbling for my camera…