Fun in a puddle.

The storms in Sydney and along the coast earlier this week weren’t a lot of fun for many people, with power outages and roof damage caused by strong winds. Fortunately, we didn’t suffer too much damage down in Gerringong, and when the sun came out in all its winter glory, and little people were allowed to venture outside again, there was fun to be found in the garden.

Loving what the storms left behind

The winter vegetables have seemed to thrive on the winter rains too, and the peas, snow peas and brassica’s all look great. Catching up with all the clothes washing that’s taken over the laundry is the next job. This reminds me how great kids are at living in the present – the here, and the now. They don’t care about the washing or the cold.

Look at me all wet!

That is why it’s so important for us to think about The Long Now. Sit down with a hot cuppa and enjoy this inspiring essay on our future, just like I did – thank you Lucy. XO