Inspired by BD market gardens

Setting up a market garden from scratch is a little daunting to say the least – especially when it’s the middle of winter and you have committed to offering a tour of that non-existent garden in spring! (What was I thinking?!) I am seriously buoyed by visiting a couple of very productive gardens over the weekend though…one very established, and the other only a couple of years old.


Toni in the field

Not that I think for one minute that my little operations can look any where near THAT good by spring, but after doing a Demeter BD workshop this weekend I am hopeful I will have something to show off. Our presenter was from Western Victoria where he has over 6 acres of vegetables in production, all superb quality, and grown beautifully vibrant without the use of a single chemical input.


Engrossed participant!

Biodynamics teaches that everything the plant needs can be available to it by using the correct farming techniques, working to optimise the soils ability to feed and grow plants perfectly when they are provided with the right raw, natural ingredients to do so – just as nature does all by herself all over the planet. Our presenter had a load of great stuff to share, but my take away quote of the day, referring to ploughing with a tractor, was:

“You should not work your soil any faster than a horse can walk; whatever you do has got to be always considered and kind.”

Here here. Couldn’t you apply that philosophy in a few workplaces you know?! It certainly tells me I’m doing what I really want to be doing. How blessed am I. Want to join me?