Why Mexico?

I’m sure it tastes really great, and is nutritious and delicious, but the asparagus in the garden at Seven Cedars is lush! Gotta plant a load more of it so we can all be enjoying as fresh as I do as I pluck it fresh from the ground each day at the moment. Mexico? Really??

Mexican asparagus in the local supermarket

A new friend

Today I went and introduced myself to Robin’s Garden in Foxground.  Sun drenched raised beds, thoughtfully laid out paths for easy access to plants, all surrounded by manicured lawns, and the smells and sounds of the beautiful rainforest. Wow – does it get any more beautiful than this?!


Garden Entrance

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work the soil in this garden and I am just sad that Robin didn’t have more time there herself.   No doubt we will chat, and maybe she will share some secrets…

Teeny Tiny

Italian Parsley

Tall, Pale & Handsome!