Chicken Bonne Femme

The beautiful Aunty B taught me this chicken dish, which is the best way to do justice to one of Fiona and Adam’s free range chooks from Buena Vista Farm. Herbs from the garden, onion and bacon (optional) sauteed and forming a cushion in the cast iron pot, on which is laid the browned chook, surrounded by Emery’s Plateau’s bio-dynamic dutch cream potatoes. Pumpkin, beetroot and sweet potato do just as well in the position with the lid on in a 160C oven for about an hour and a half. Served with steamed greens, NOTHING is ever leftover!

The basics

Family favourite!

Romantic family dining...

Easter Colour

I know Easter’s still weeks away, but stuck inside last Friday, Hattie, Tom and I needed something to do. Blowing, dipping and decorating kept us busy almost all day, and we are so proud of our efforts…

Hours of entertainment, and weeks of enjoyment.

A very good Friday.