Peanut Butter sandwiches on the menu…seriously.

Peppercorn Creek Farm at Picton grows and makes pretty much everything on the menu at The Common Ground Cafe in Katoomba. A fun family dinner there last week revealed a very limited and simple menu, but none of us went hungry, and it was tasty and interesting. Carob desserts were reminiscent of my adolescent fascination with alternative foods, but the taste reminded me why this was short lived! The Mace Latte was a little like sipping hot muddy water, but perhaps it is an acquired taste?

Common Ground Cafe - Katoomba

Cousin Melly & the menu.

Rustic woodwork furniture

One of the many beautiful wall artworks

It all seemed pretty harmless – lots of beards, long skirts, rustic, peaceful and a sense of being home to a family community. Sad that a search of the net reveals the possibility that not-so-savoury people own and operate the farm, and that this is a cult that like all the others, is accused of all sorts of unpleasant stuff. Say no more. Don’t know if I’ll go back. Sad.