Seven Cedars update…

A perfect autumn garden day today. The citrus in the Seven Cedars garden in Foxground is colouring beautifully, the peas have started flowering, the garlic is up and away, and many of the hundreds of seeds sown over the last few weeks are popping up to enjoy the sun.

Perfect autumn day for a garden

I finished off a compost heap today, with barrow after barrow of fresh cow poo pinched from the neighbours paddock.  Twelve cubic metres of wood chip arrives tomorrow afternoon to line the paths, and the barrow will be put to work for a few days then I suspect. All in all though, I’m pretty chuffed with how this feast is growing.

Why Mexico?

I’m sure it tastes really great, and is nutritious and delicious, but the asparagus in the garden at Seven Cedars is lush! Gotta plant a load more of it so we can all be enjoying as fresh as I do as I pluck it fresh from the ground each day at the moment. Mexico? Really??

Mexican asparagus in the local supermarket

Tea anyone?

 I think it’s so wonderful that we can brew a real cuppa with organically grown tea, picked just up the road in Foxground.  Yesterday I visited Kirsten McHugh’s tea plantation as a priveleged member of the Foodscape Tours rent-a-crowd for the filming of an episode of Sydney Weekender.

Mike Whitney with Kirsten in her tea garden

Mike performing for the camera

Lush, damp (and with a few leeches…much to the TV Producer’s horror!), the immaculate rows of tea (camellia sinensis) are edged with comphrey and the new flower buds signal the end of the leaf growth phase.

Camellia sinensis

Delicate toadstool










Kirsten’s way too modest about her tea making skills – the tasting that followed was of superb fresh, almost minty green tea, delicious black tea, and one of her many blends – this one green tea with lavender and mandarin rind…yum!

The taste test

Autumn in Foxground

A beautiful day weeding after another rainy few days. A few remaining beans, cherry tomatoes and asparagus spears, but otherwise the way is clear for new plantings with my Green Harvest seed order due any day.

Hiding Hen

Robin's rose - Foxground

New growth on the photinia fence

A new friend

Today I went and introduced myself to Robin’s Garden in Foxground.  Sun drenched raised beds, thoughtfully laid out paths for easy access to plants, all surrounded by manicured lawns, and the smells and sounds of the beautiful rainforest. Wow – does it get any more beautiful than this?!


Garden Entrance

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work the soil in this garden and I am just sad that Robin didn’t have more time there herself.   No doubt we will chat, and maybe she will share some secrets…

Teeny Tiny

Italian Parsley

Tall, Pale & Handsome!