Local School Fete

Saturday’s local school fete was a resounding success, particularly for the little people. But the entire Gerringong Community needs to be applauded for pulling this together. Green Box were there of course, as were tables of delicious locally produced fare.

It's great to be 8.

Cuddling Fodder



The petting zoo was a hit with Tom, who’ll catch and cuddle almost any animal – but not as entertaining to watch as the unceremonious dunking of our State Member of Parliament, or Uniting Church Minister – I though photos of this might get me into trouble!

My how you’ve grown.

Deciding to move to Gerringong in January 2007, we chose a block with a new-ish house and a backyard that had been completely ‘untouched’. The back fence was hidden in blackberries and lantana, and the lawn was basically remnant dairy paddock grasses barely covering the red clay soil.

23 January 2008

One year later, the food garden had been laid out, and over the years it has been wonderfully productive despite periods of ‘life too busy’ neglect, two new puppies, little boy’s birthday parties and escaped chooks. Lots of failed experiments and bucket loads of learning later, and it’s time to find some more space…

23 January 2012