Autumn in Foxground

A beautiful day weeding after another rainy few days. A few remaining beans, cherry tomatoes and asparagus spears, but otherwise the way is clear for new plantings with my Green Harvest seed order due any day.

Hiding Hen

Robin's rose - Foxground

New growth on the photinia fence

So, is it really a weed?

Or maybe I should call this, “PLEASE don’t Roundup!” ┬áThe evidence is mounting, and is irrefutable (hey, it was posted on Facebook), glyphosate is not the harmless, readily degradable herbicide it was touted to be. Just Google it to find out for yourself. It makes me despair to see it being used on garden paths (boiling water works wonders on the path and paver offenders), and in children’s playgrounds. Is any risk worth it?

- Jacob Vardy

A weed is not necessarily a weed anyway. A herbalist might call it medicine, an environmentalist might call it erosion prevention, animals might call it home, and sometimes even if it’s not meant to be there, it’s just downright beautiful…

Apple mint escaped into roses

Chilies blanketed with 'weeds'