The link between Lake Bathurst and no eggs…

Driving over to Bungendore on the weekend, I was reminded that there is very little visually to indicate the change of seasons on the coast in Gerringong. I wonder if this makes it slightly more difficult to connect some of the more subtle seasonal variances that occur. Every year at about this time, the hens stop laying. The days are becoming shorter, and this signals to them that it’s time for a break. So why then, every year are we so surprised that the egg supply temporarily dries up. Highland towns and villages with their beautiful autumnal leaf displays declare so clearly that the season for reduced egg supplies, and other normal, healthy seasonal variances, is upon us. Perhaps if the leaves are falling all around you, it is reassurance that declining egg numbers are just another normal, natural hiccup in our lives.

The bustling main street of Lake Bathurst


David in the autumn leaves at Mullloon Creek